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a health store that is a little bit different

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Not A Normal Health Store - A Wellness Store With a Difference

We are a family owned & operated business. 

We believe it’s essential to invest in our health in order to enjoy a life full of joy, gratitude and happiness.
At The Wellness Store, we pride ourselves on the opportunity to help change and impact lives in a healthy way.

We do so by offering a variety of products to help all of our customers achieve healthier bodies, mind & lifestyle. 

We would love to see you in store......

Fresh Green Juice
Pill Variety
Take Away Coffee

Feel Good  Be Happy 

At THE WELLNESS STORE we make it our goal to help you feel your best both inside and out.

With our range of specially sourced, high quality, NO NASTIES products. We make it easy for you to maintain the healthy lifestyle you love. 

What You'll Find In Store

Plants & Micro Greens

Plants, plants plants YESSSSSS we stock plants too.

Our garden centre can provide you with indoor & outdoor plants.

We also stock an assortment of pots for you to pop your chosen green friend into......

Micro Greens grown & harvested on site, pick up a tray for your homemade juices or add to your favourite meals!

Coffee Tea &
Cold Pressed Juice

Take Away Organic Coffee, Tea, Ceremonial Cacao & Cold Pressed Juice

Tea & Coffee products can also be purchased in store 

Cold Pressed Juice made fresh

Chilling in the fridge you'll find our range of Kombucha and Freed Tea

Make The Wellness Store your "fav" place to pick up your coffee, tea or cold pressed juice

Home & Lifestyle

With a wide range of home and lifestyle products in store, your sure to find something for you, a friend or that special someone

We stock a variety of wellness products in store for home & lifestyle, skin & body, vitamins & supplements, baby & mum, plants & microgreens, coffee, tea & cold pressed juice.

We make it easy for you to maintain the healthy lifestyle you love.

Vitamins & Supplements

You will find Vitamins & Supplements to suit your needs.

We stock a range of Vitamins & Supplements including Wholefood Vitamins, Mushroom Powders & Liquids, Protein Powders, Collagen Powders, Cacao, Superfoods just to name a few...

What brands do we carry

Vitus                                                Herbs of Gold   

Brauer                                         Henry Blooms   

Whole Earth and Sea                      Hemp Seed Co           

Tonic Mumma                                     Frank Simple 

Doctor Bonner                                          BioKap   

Pure Earth                                           Hidden Valley Handcrafts   

Bushflower Scents                                    Maaemo   

Eco By Sonya                                            Good Riddance   

Scout Beauty                                             Woohoo   

Elamoore                                                   Get Naked   

Gem                                                            Aotearoad   

Little Urchin                                         Avocado Zinc   

Sage Dreaming                                    Giovanni 

Wotnot                                                      The Collagen Co   

Toka                                                           Sunbutter   

Zen                                                             The Market Basket Co   

That Red House                                  Ever Eco

The Itchy Baby Co                          CMC Gold   

Tsuno Femme Organics                Luna & Mee   

Urban Originals                               Subo 

Allure Home                                   Wildfire Artisian Soy   

Yum Earth                                       Holle Organic  

Sprout                                             Who Gives A Crap    

Woodfire Chocolate Maker            WA Golden Honey   

Super Feast                                 Touchwood Mushrooms   

Indigo Love                                 The Wellness Store   

Pottery For The Planet                    Love Tea   

Infuse Tea Company                       Made By Fressko   

Sacred Earth Medicine                        Absolute Essential Oils   

Australian Wholesale Oils                   Creative Intentions 

Himalayan                                                 EnviroClean 

EnviroBaby                                               Eco Originals 

Cacao Collective                                      Jack n Jill

Tonika                                                        Q Silica

Salty Tracks                                               Seamade

Embella Jewellery                                    The Hemp Gallery

Shakti                                                        Urban Hippee

NutraOrganics                                          Best of Bone

Allure Home and Body                            Urban Rituelle

Sacred Earth                                             Lotus

QBee & The Honey Makers                    

the bee..................


The bee spirit animal has a strong work ethic & symbolizes hard work & dedication.

It also signifies the importance of stopping & smelling the flowers once in a while.

While bees & people with bee spirit animal are busy busy busy it is important not to let life's little pleasures pass you by....... 

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